1. A Look at the Different Types of Chinese Food

    When people order Chinese food, they tend to think it’s all the same. After all, sesame chicken is sesame chicken, right? Those with a discernible palate know that not all Chinese food tastes the same due to regional varieties and methods of cooking. You Garden Xiao Long Bao in Bayside offers both…Read More

  2. Health Benefits of Chinese and Shanghainese Food

    Most of us enjoy, if not love, Chinese food. It’s so full of flavors with a ton of variety, and it fills us up and fast. But did you know Chinese food and Shanghainese food are some of the healthiest foods you can choose to eat? You Garden Xiao Long Bao is the best Chinese and Shanghainese restaur…Read More

  3. What is Shanghainese Food?

    When you hear the word, “Shanghai,” perhaps images of exotic locales with pagodas come to mind. Shanghai means "Upon-the-Sea" since it sits along the East China Seas and is also the home of the Yangtze River Delta. Always of import for its shipping, Shanghai remains today one of the world’s bu…Read More