Chinese New Year is a special time of year. Just like we celebrate the New Year here in the United States with special foods, so do the Chinese people. You Garden Xiao Long Bao is the best restaurant in Queens, serving the best Chinese food and Shanghainese food. Below, we’ll reveal some of the top Chinese foods to serve in celebration of Chinese New Year.


  • Chinese dumplings. The Chinese dumpling has a rich history, having been around for over 1,800 years. Due to its shape like an ancient Chinese gold ingot, it typically represents wealth and the fillings of a Chinese dumpling have different meanings as well.
  • Chinese fish. Since most of China and a majority of its population either lives on the ocean or around one of China’s many rivers, fish is an important staple of the Chinese diet. Eating fish on Chinese New Year symbolizes surplus and fortune.
  • Glutinous rice balls. There are two types of Chinese rice balls: Tangyuan and Yuanxiao, with the difference mainly being in the way they are made. Since glutinous rice balls are round, they represent completeness and family reunion.
  • Chinese New Year longevity noodle. A noodle that lives up to its name, the Chinese longevity noodle is one long strand of noodle that must be eaten from beginning to end without breaking it. If you break it, your wish won’t be fulfilled. This noodle symbolizes that the coming year will be smooth. This noodle is also eaten on birthdays, especially by the older population.
  • Chinese wontons. Similar to the Chinese dumpling, wontons are in the same shape and offer up the same hopes for the coming year — wealth and treasure. Eating wontons symbolizes a good beginning to the Chinese New Year.
  • Spring rolls. Another popular Chinese food both during the Chinese New Year and all year long, spring rolls are wrapped with whatever is in season, usually vegetables. However, turning these finger foods into a dessert has become popular in recent years. Spring rolls also symbolize wealth, treasure, and a fresh start.
  • Glutinous rice cakes. Similar to its cousin, the glutinous rice balls, glutinous rice cakes vary in ingredients depending on the region of China. Meaning both sweet and salty, this traditional Chinese food dating back 1,500 years offers hope for a prosperous career, salary, and course of study.

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