Are you a leader and not a follower? Do you like to be different? Does this way of life apply to the holidays and special occasions as well? You Garden Xiao Long Bao of Bayside, NY, believes local Chinese food is the best for any holiday or special occasion. In this blog post, we’ll explore occasions to order authentic Chinese food take out.


  • Thanksgiving. Who needs turkey when you can eat Steamed Crab Meat Pork Buns or Sweet and Sour ribs? Chinese food has everything you could want for the family at the Thanksgiving table. From Curry Beef Vermicelli Soup as an appetizer and Sauteed Tofu in place of stuffing, to Sweet Taro Cake instead of pumpkin pie, You Garden Xiao Long Bao has it all. We even offer a complete selection of wines including Moscato and Riesling varieties.
  • Christmas. Instead of the traditional Christmas ham, try our Ham Hock in Wine Sauce or our Deep Fried Pork Chop. Sauteed to perfection with onion, celery, and carrots, our Ham Hock is bursting with delicious flavors while our Deep Fried Pork Chop is covered in a mild breaded mix that sports just the right crunch. For dessert, try our Fried Crispy Dough and our Iced Soy Milk to wash it down. You Garden Xiao Long Bao will deliver Chinese food to your door, so you can avoid the cold.
  • New Year’s. Celebrate New Year’s with delicious Chinese finger foods such as You Garden Xiao Long Bao’s Sweet Sticky Rice Roll and Scallion Pancakes. Picture a bed of rice rolled over Chinese fried dough (you tiao), pork sung, and pickled vegetable, and you have our Sweet Sticky Rice Roll. Light and crispy, scallion pancakes are pan-fried bread made from dough, not batter like our pancakes. Chewy on the inside, Scallion Pancakes are filled with fresh scallions and are sure to please.
  • Weddings. The price of weddings these days can be astronomical in relation to what you typically spend on a vacation. For these once-in-a-lifetime events, however, you want to make them memorable, yet economical. Many wedding parties are turning to Chinese food as one way to save money at a wedding, but still have great tasting, amazing food. A Chinese buffet chuck full of scrumptious Sesame Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Red Bean Puffs, and Shanghai Shao Mai is sure to be devoured by all wedding attendees at the reception. You Garden Xiao Long Bao is happy to help you plan your special day and offer up the good Chinese food. Contact us today for pricing.

You Garden Xiao Long Bao of Bayside, NY, is the newest Chinese restaurant and is quickly becoming your go-to for Chinese food take out. With dozens of authentic Chinese food dishes as well as Shanghainese food, we make all of our authentic Chinese cuisine from only the freshest ingredients. Conveniently located with a gorgeous interior space, You Garden Xiao Long Bao will make your authentic Chinese food to order. We aim to ensure your local Chinese food is the best, and afterwards, you’ll be clamoring for more. Dine-in today or order for Chinese food delivery or take-out!