Chinese food is some of the best tasting comfort food on the planet. From Chinese dumplings and Egg Drop soup to Kung Pao chicken, Chinese food is one of the healthiest foods overall for your body. You Garden Xiao Long Bao in Queens offers the best Chinese food for take-out, delivery, or dine-in. We are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best wine pairings to go with our delicious, authentic Chinese food. Visit us today!



Any variety of Riesling will go great with You Garden Xiao Long Bao’s Chinese food, especially spicy dishes such as Sichuan. Sweetness plays a big role in deciding the exact variety of Riesling to choose. Hence, if the Chinese food you are eating is particularly sweet, pairing a sweet Riesling such as Kabinett would be a perfect complement.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum will go with almost any Chinese food dish you choose from You Garden Xiao Long Bao’s Chinese food menu. One tip would be to stick to varieties that are heavy and have a high acidity. For example, for spicy tofu, noodles, or rice, you probably would like a wine with a softer acidity to balance out the higher temperatures.

Shrimp Fried Rice

Here, we’re focusing on the menu item instead of the wine because shrimp fried rice is exceedingly hard to pair with any wine item due to its incredible variety of flavors, such as scrambled eggs, ginger, mango, and coconut. We recommend Fetzer wine selections in order to not lose the flavors in the drink.

Red Wine for Chinese Food

Let’s face it, almost any variety of red wine will taste good with Chinese food. However, as wine connoisseurs know, not all red wines are created equal. Choose a red wine that is moderate in acidity but with a fruity taste. When you pair your Chinese food from You Garden Xiao Long Bao in Queens with a red wine that is chilled, you’ll be as close to heavenly food as possible.


Another great wine choice that will complement almost every item on our Chinese food menu, Sparkling’s crispness and dryness won’t overwhelm the flavors of your Chinese food.


Beer is a great pairing for Chinese food. Whether you choose very common beer, such as Bud Light, or you opt for your local brewhouse’s beer, beer will wash down Chinese food well, and you’ll notice the spices pop when you pair beer with your Chinese food.


While we specialize in Chinese food, we understand the importance of a great beverage to wash your food down, bring out the wonderful flavors of Chinese food, and make your overall enjoyment and experience of your food satisfactory. At You Garden Xiao Long Bao in Queens, we offer a variety of wines to complement our Chinese food. From Riesling and Moscato to Cabernet Sauvignon, choose your favorite wine pairing when you order Chinese food take-out, delivery, or dine-in. We also offer a variety of beers for your liking as well. With You Garden Xiao Long Bao in Queens, we aim to make your Chinese meal experience perfect. Order today!