best chinese food you garden xiao long bao queens

There’s something about Chinese food that is just mouth-watering goodness. It’s great for lunch or dinner (and even breakfast). It’s easy to make. Easy to order when you just need some good take-out food. And because of the versatility, there’s always something for everyone on a Chinese food menu.

You Garden Xiao Long Bao in Bayside offers the best Chinese cuisine. You can either dine-in at our Chinese restaurant or order take-out or delivery. We are open convenient hours to better serve you when your craving hits. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some more popular Chinese menu items. Order Chinese food today!



Potstickers is the American name for Chinese dumplings. This is rolled dough that is usually filled with meat, usually pork, vegetables, and sesame seed oil. These can be eaten as an appetizer or as a main dish served with soup or rice. In China, these Chinese dumplings are eaten during Chinese New Year and are always served with a soy sauce for dipping the dumplins in.

Spring Rolls

Another finger food that is usually served as an appetizer, spring rolls, make our most popular Chinese cuisine list. Just as their name implies, spring rolls are dough with vegetables, meat, or other fillings in the center that is rolled up. Spring rolls began as a seasonal food that was eaten only during spring. They began as pancake toppings and then they formed from there. These are usually served fried and are small and crispy. Spring rolls are popular to eat during numerous Chinese festivals around the country mainly due to their convenience.

Hot and Sour Soup

One of the healthiest Chinese menu items is hot and sour soup. Light and airy, this meat-based broth is made from eggs, sesame oil, bamboo shoots, spices, vegetables, tofu,and mushrooms. It also contains a whole host of ingredients to ensure it is spicy and delivers some kick to it. You Garden Xiao Long Bao notes that soy sauce and vinegar make up the broth portion or the soup.

Orange Chicken

Orange chicken is a very popular dish in all Chinese food restaurants. It has even made its way mainstream as many supermarkets carry orange chicken as well. This favorite Chinese cuisine starts with chicken cut up into bite-sized portions. Next, the chicken is then battered and fried. When it comes out of the oven, the chicken is coated in a fun, caramelized dish that can be found on takeout menus all around the United States, including at You Garden Xiao Long Bao.

Chef Andy Kao claims to have invented the American version of Orange Chicken at a Panda Express restaurant in 1987. At authentic Chinese cuisine restaurants, you’ll find fresh orange peels alongside orange chicken.


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